Pathetic: Obama Makes 150th Anniversary Of 13th Amendment To Free Slaves About TRUMP!

Obama showed just what a man he is today when he used the historic anniversary of the ratification of the 13th amendment to push his political agenda by making it about Trump.

In this clip from his speech he clearly intends to rebuke Trump on his suggestion to ban Muslim immigration.

Watch below:

Just incredible.

The ratification of the 13th Amendment is one of the most important moments of all American history and marked our turning away from the original sin of slavery. Rather than recognize that ALL Republicans voted for it, and all votes against it were from Democrats, Obama pathetically used the occasion to zing Trump.

Whatever you think of Trump’s ban, it is unbelievable that Obama would use something as solemn and historic to further his petty agenda.

But I guess we’re so used to it that no one even noticed…

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