Commie NYC Mayoral Moron Bill DeBlasio Commands Residents To NOT Donate To Ted Cruz

Hey Donald Trump has a commie leftist endorsement from idiot NYC mayor Bill Deblasio, and he’s telling residents to not donate to Cruz over his “New York values” comment.

From the New York Post:

Mayor de Blasio slammed Sen. Ted Cruz on Sunday, calling on New Yorkers to forego donations to the Canadian-born GOP presidential contender with a contempt for “New York values.”

“There’s no reason any New Yorker should be helping him with money so he can insult us,” de Blasio said on John Catsimatidis’ morning radio show.

Hizzoner described  Cruz’s recent critique of Donald Trump’s “New York values” as “hypocritical” and “disgusting” given all the fundraising the Republican does in the Empire State.

“He is very happy to come here and raise money,” de Blasio said. “He’ll take New York’s money. He’ll take big loans from Goldman Sachs and then he turns around and attacks the people of New York.”

De Blasio even gave a rare nod to Trump, a political foil he’s tangled several times since the billionaire joined the GOP primary race.

“I don’t likely say I agree with Donald, but Donald Trump in this case, I thought he characterized it exactly right, that the same city that withstood the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and rebuilt and showed such strength and such grace, we deserve respect from somebody who says he wants to be president of the United States.”

Hmmm… I wonder what percentage of New Yorkers who would be donating to TED CRUZ are the kind of people that give a good damn what a commie pendejo like DeBlasio thinks? I’m going with NONE. Moron.

This dumbass is the epitome of New York values.

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