Media and Democrats’ last hail Mary against Kavanaugh: The O.J.-ification of Christine Ford

It really appears as if the smears of the left against Kavanaugh went down in flames yesterday after he defended himself so well, and Lindsey Graham went on the attack against the media and the Democrats.

So they have one last hail Mary attempt to kill the nomination, and it depends on trying to generalize the experience of Christine Ford beyond the lack of specific evidence in her case into an exemplar of the “Me Too” movement.

Here’s a perfect example:

It’s a heck of a lot like what happened with O.J. Simpson in the nineties.

As the case continued, the media made it about a general experience of injustice that African Americans felt about police practices. The actual merits of the case against Simpson didn’t matter – it was the “movement” against “police racism” that mattered. And that’s partly why that case ended with such a great injustice.

Democrats and their media co-conspirators are trying to do the same thing here, but instead of racism, they’re using sexism, and the “Me Too” movement to try to fill in the discrepancies in Ford’s story with social justice outrage.

Of course Avenatti is at the forefront of this idiocy, as he is with most idiocies:

And others are trying to push the idea:

And the media is happy to help:

“The playbook against Me Too”:

Yeah? Who cares?

Oh look there’s the “objective” CNN media critic Brian Stelter dividing Americans by gender:


The main problem is that they simply assume that her allegations are true, and ignore any opportunity for the accused to defend himself. Which is why they’re trying to O.J.-ify this thing. That’s the only way they can win.

Of course the obvious immediate objection to the comparison is that Simpson was accused of (and very likely guilty of) murder, and Ford is allegedly a victim of sexual harassment. Of course there is a vast difference between these two positions, and I acknowledge that. I have sympathy for Ford’s plight, I do. And I think the “Me Too” movement has done some very important good for society.

But when it comes down to it, the case against O.J. Simpson had nothing to do with the generalized experience of African Americans facing unfair police practices, and the case that Christine Ford made against Kavanaugh has nothing to do with the generalized experience of women who have been sexually victimized by men.

Our system of law, formal and otherwise, depends on strict adherence to rules of fairness, and putting the burden of proof on the accuser is a terribly important concept that if rooted out from our society will make it much worse.

Don’t let them do it.