Right at the outset I want to make it clear that I am NOT saying Barack Obama is a terrorist. While his policies WILL eventually lead to many deaths of Americans, and their allies (and probably have already), I am not saying necessarily that he has the intention of destroying America in the same way as the 9-11 hijackers are. I would never say such a horrid thing. I would never insinuate that our president would kill innocent Americans for political gain – just as I would never sign a petition that would demand an investigation to uncover evidence of such. In fact, I’m not referring to 9-11 at all, but rather, mocking the pilot who dared to fly through manhattan and scare the hell out of everyone without official White House order. The two towers are in no way a reference to the World Trade Towers, but are in reference to some of the pillars of American society and political organization that our president is trying to destroy. With a plane. Perhaps the plane of a hijacked constitution, or a plane of usurped Executive authority. However, and I wanna make this clear, in no way am I trying to imply that Barack Hussein Obama is a terrorist that is trying to destroy America by including in his cabinet and Czardom the kind of people who have actively sought to destroy America in the past, and sworn Communist enemies of America. It is a mere coincidence that I draw a cartoon so similar to the twin towers on the day of 9-11. In fact, I draw this in support of Barack Hussein Obama’s platform of subverting the free market and wresting control from the individual in favor of the state that knows better for everyone. I expect a check from the National Endowment of the Arts for my obedient call to propagandistic action on behalf of our half-black comrade in chief.