Mexecutive Order #0001

For my first post, I thought I’d tackle the most divisive issue for our country and the Republican party… Immigration…

A drew a cartoon a long time ago – 4 years to be more or less exact… it shows just how little progress has been made in the issue of immigration. Apparently our president wants to make immigration his next cause. As Michael Medved has said, this is the one issue that can really destroy the Republican party. I think he’s right. If the Republicans push too hard, especially given a lot of the racial overtones (not completely fabricated by the left), they stand to alienate a lot of potential hispanic voters, who are generally socially conservative. On the other hand, immigration is a genuine domestic problem – the American public is fed up, and they are demanding something be done. Personally, I think the best answer is the one Reagan advanced during his presidency – one of real enforcement, but also some form of amnesty for the non-criminal aliens who are in America. This is a bitter pill for conservatives, and it’s a compromise the leadership is going to have to sell to the base in a much better way than they tried to do the first time. Because if they don’t, we’re looking at a split between the moderate conservatives and the more extreme wing. As it stands, Mexicans are the opiate of the American economy….