The Invisible Hand cooks better than mine does

So, why does capitalism rock in the free world? It suddenly hit me as I was making my dinner tonight. I debated with myself (always a losing proposition), on whether to go to SUBWAY and get a $5 sub or defrost some meats in my freezer and make some tacos. The mexy in my soul won over the lazy capitalist, and so I went home, taking a mental inventory to make sure I had what I needed… maybe two hours later, I had the following to show for my efforts:

Looks pretty darn good don’t it? It tasted even better!!! I can’t get that kind of Mexy goodness anywhere near here! I need to work on making my own tortillas instead of buying them already made – I already have the rolling pin. When you see a mexican guy buying a rolling pin at a market, you know he’s jonesin’ for some homemade tortillas!! Also, I should make my own salsa.. but that’s not the point of this post… this is the point:

When you add up all the ingredients, you’re probably looking at a maximum of $5, so we even out there. Now, it’s not terribly difficult to make carnitas, but it takes some doing. What is my time worth to me? Well, even if it were minimum wage, that would be more than $10. Further, I end up with a ton of dishes, and another maybe 10 minutes of washing. You might be saying, but Sooper, aren’t your tacos like a bazillion times better than the subway sandwich?! Well, forgiving your impertinence, and overly familiar interruption, I would say YES! At least a bazillion times better! But, the SUBWAY sandwiches are not bad. Also, there is just something sexy and cool about making awesome food by yourself…

Now let’s put on our community organizer liberal glasses and peer through them to analyze the situation. In terms of bare efficiency, doesn’t it make more sense to just buy my sandwich? Eating out generates more trash per meal, but that’s mitigated by the extra water and energy resource used up when putting together a single meal per night. Add to this that when I don’t do my own work, I help pay the wages of those who do it for me, and reward efficiency, then doesn’t it seem that our liberal friends should be pushing fast food as a way to reduce carbon footprint, and generally make better use of resources? You should say, Yes, Soop, you made your point very clearly and succinctly!!

Now, the reason I’ll make my own food is partly the satisfaction of making good food that is unavailable on this ENTIRE FREAKIN COAST, so I’ll continue to do so. My only point is that capitalism is awesome, and liberals suck.