Draw Muhammed Day!


Now I want to be clear that this is not Muhammed, the prophet, peace be upon him, but Muhammed, a Zoroastrian, who just happens to be named Muhammed. He says praise Allah because he is confused from smoking opium. Am I getting the spirit of the day correct?


In the Koran, Muhammed the Prophet, peace be upon him, dreamt one day that he took a trip to heaven while riding some animal called the Al-Buroq,  that looked like a donkey-horse, with wings. It took him to meet Jesus and Moses, and all the prophets of Allah in heaven. This is called the Night Journey. But this cartoon isn’t about that at all. It’s about.. some guy.. named Muhammed who.. uh.. rides this white horse-donkey thing that talks and.. oh screw it. Someone come up with a crackhead story to match this…

BREAKING: Terrorists Massacre 12 Employees of French Newspaper That Published ‘Offensive’ Muhammed Cartoon