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Support Paladino! Or He’ll Break Your FACE!

Carl Paladino has got to be one of my favorite candidates this year.

Paladino really reflects the attitude and culture of upstate New York in contradistinction to New York City, which has had a chokehold on state politics for so long. His short, curt, sardonic way of speaking is refreshing, and I think people are really responding to bold, clear, if somewhat controversial, speech. He proclaims himself a true conservative, and has laid out his plans for cutting government and allowing the free market to bring prosperity back to New York.

He ALSO has a cool little video Paladino that comes out of nowhere on his website– like a Jedi! Like a Ninja!

So, to show your support, display your own ANGRY CARL PALADINO PaperFigure! Have him attack your socialist liberal friends with his bat of angry justice!! Make a few and leave them in whatever public space you think undecided voters might congregate – laundromats, your basement, your local drugstore!!

Also, donate money to his campaign and volunteer for Angry Carl HERE!

If you’d like your own PAPERDINO, for FREE, Click HERE YOU LUCKY SCHMUCK!!