Political Parties

Prince Andrew ORDERS you to vote for him!

How is this year’s election’s choices anywhere NEAR a real choice for people? The Democrats are dragging out old flea-bitten socialist dregs, and monarchical entitled legacies while the GOP and TeaParty brings out dynamic, fresh, outspoken, fearless critics of the crippling political establishment.

One such monarch is the Cuomo succession – “Prince Andrew” demands your vote just because his father held his egotistical reign over New York. He also cheated money out of his constituents, doesn’t do his job, flip flops on reform he called for, turns his back on minorities, while taking their support for granted, and suspiciously got paid $1.2 million by a crooked real estate developer.

Even disgraced New York governor Eliot Spitzer calls him the “dirtiest, nastiest” politician… and that’s saying something, coming from him!

AND, he’s afraid to debate Paladino. He knows the man with a bat from buffalo will mop the floor with this elitist, prissy tyrant.

Quid Pro Cuomo is a crook!!!