Leave Marco Rubio ALONE!

I’d never heard of Alicia Menendez until an acquaintance from Twitter let me know of her rather vapid existence.

Apparently, she’s a token Democrat Hispanic that the left wields to perpetuate the brown-on-brown crime that is so sadly prevalent in our society. Fortunately for us, she IS a Democrat, so her criticisms are so inane they’re easily refutable within the confines of their own pedestrian premisses.

Case in point.

She offers this criticism of Marco Rubio, which mostly revolves around backpedaling from saying he perpetuates, “all the worst stereotypes of Cuban-Americans.” She doesn’t do a very good job of describing what those are – something to do with the Arizona Law? Is support for a specific immigration law a stereotype? Weird.

This was my quick response:

“Sorry.  I didnt really read the article, I mostly just.. stared at the video. Anyway.. now that I actually read it – just what is that stereotype? Cubans are what, mostly Republican and uphold American values? Not the worst stereotype if you ask me.

They don’t support Immigration Reform that rewards people who break immigration laws? What a terrible stereotype.

Why isn’t the case that YOU are perpetuating the more negative stereotype of Hispanics who who only care for their own race, and favor Immigration Reform to benefit their racial group to the detriment of American laws, customs, and other races? That seems like a much worse stereotype to me – and one that I guarantee you the majority of Americans would be against.

But you’re hot, so that’s ok. Just.. I dunno. Say less stupid stuff. Oh wait. There’s a volume control on the videos.. orale!!”

That last sentence was unnecessary. However, if you *are* reading this, I WILL take your vapidity out on a date, Alicia. Do you have a built-in volume control?

Again. Totally unnecessary. I should be punished.

I was thinking further – if someone embodies a stereotype, are they really bad people? Aren’t the bad people usually those who assume someone to have a certain character or characteristic without reference to the individual because of a category that person falls into?

Take a fairly innocuous stereotype, or even better, let’s make one up. Guatemalans are ALWAYS chewing their nails. Now, if there IS a Guatemalan actually chewing their nails, does that make them a bad person? In my imagined Guatemalan-stereotype world, it would be the person who assumes any Gautemalan would chew their nails even when they aren’t thats the bad person, que no, Alicia?

Sooooo, mija, doesn’t that mean that YOU are the one perpetuating the stereotype, of yourself, and of him?

Gosh, that racist sword has a sharp two-sided blade!

None of this matters. Her idiotic criticism has nothing to do with reality – it has to do the liberal left wanting to feed their stranglehold over minority communities who’d rather blame whitey in the form of the GOP by using any possible excuse to mock and deride any Hispanonservative (I just coined that) who would dare get off the plantation and join the abolitionist cause of the Republicans.