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The Straw that broke the Donkey’s Back!

The Tax Deal compromise that was struck between Obama and the GOP has passed. The debate has, and will continue to rage about this deal – whether the Republicans stabbed their teaparty supporters and other voters in the back with this seemingly backroom deal, or whether they took one for the team, for the sake of extending economy-saving tax cuts…

My own opinion is that it was not the best deal, but a good one. One of the more surprising results is the absolute vitriol with which the Left has tossed upon Obama and each other over the compromise. Some joyful highlights:

Smiling Lefty Loon, Rachel Maddow

Lawrence “BiPolar Schizophrenic” O’Donnel’s Pro-Deal attack

My personal favorite, Kieth Olbermann’s anti-Obama Meltdown!!

On this, I think we can all agree – the Tax Deal has driven a wedge between the liberal media, Obama, and the congressional Democrats. This is mostly due to liberals awakening to the truth that most Conservatives have known for a long time – Obama is peevish, self-centered, arrogant, and mostly inept.

On the defensive side, we have similar problems. As Hugh Hewitt points out, the GOP made a huge mistake in drawing up the deal without consulting the TeaParty and other Americans that gave them such a great victory in November. I reassured my pessimistic right-wing friends that this GOP seemed to understand that they had not won on their own merit, but based on the strength and passion of the TeaParty. If the GOP continues to make such backroom deals in this manner, they will lose their most important support.

One conservative critic whose opinion should always be taken heavily is my favorite, Chuck, the KROWT! Krauthammer! He characterizes this deal as basically another enormous Stimulus Package, and that Obama has swindled the Republicans. On the contrary, another conservative intellectual I greatly admire, is Michael Medved, who goes as far as to say that Krauthammer is wrong, and that this was the best deal we could get, and that it’s best for the country, despite the unfortunate spending compromises.

This tax deal will go down like the first Stimulus – conservatives and liberals alike will argue over it and define each other (RINO!! DINO!! Neo-CON!) by whether or not they like it or hate it. I think it’s safe to say the bill wasn’t a complete win for either side, and on the periphery, both sides mishandled the PR aspect of this bill. What will determine who will succeed beyond this point is whether Barack Obama or the GOP leadership will be able to reach out to their base and mollify those angered by this deal these next two years…

(credit goes to the brilliant Prudence, at @prupaine for improving my mediocre idea of “the straw that broke the camel’s back”, to “the straw that broke the donkey’s back”!)

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