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SteeleParty Steals the TeaParty’s Steam…

That’s quite the tongue twister.

If you were lucky enough to be funemployed by the feckless administration of our hopeless president, then you had time to ignore the recent debate among those conservatives looking to knock the top dog, Michael Steele, from the RNC chairmanship. If you were employed like I am, then you clicked back and forth between the deathly dull debate and your gainful work.

One of the more revealing moments was when Michael Steele was asked his credentials for having another term as chairperson – he emphatically said that he had led the GOP to an election win.

“My record stands for itself. We Won. I was asked to win elections. We won…. the fact that we’re here celebrating that win, I think, Says a lot about that record.”

If anything encapsulates the arrogance and error of the GOP elites is this attitude – just what was the stroke of brilliance that Steele brought to the RNC that secured this win?  Was it his calling Rush Limbaugh’s speech “ugly” and “incendiary”, dismissing him as a mere entertainer? Brilliant. I’m sure he won a lot of points with D.L. Hughley and his audience.

Was it calling Afghanistan a “war of Obama’s choosing” and rewriting history and ignoring years of Conservative opinion on the matter?

Or maybe calling for a new “Hip Hop” makeover of the GOP? How did that go exactly? Did we win the Hip Hop vote in 2010? Was that the enormous wave of new urban voters, rushing to the polls, in their uniforms of pants down around their asses and sporting RocaWear? I don’t remember those news releases…

How about saying he’d bring minorities into the GOP with “fried chicken and potato salad”? I can’t even make more of a joke out of that without sounding racist.

Now I actually don’t dislike Michael Steele as much as some Conservatives – I don’t think he’s done a horrendous job, but it just doesn’t seem that he’s done a very good one. Just as certain presidents benefit accidentally from economic boons while others are cursed with economic lows, Steele is trying to ride the coattails of a tsunami that he had very little to do with.

If for nothing else, Steele should be tossed out for only giving lip service to the TeaParty efforts in winning the House and other seats in this amazing victory we had in 2010.

In this way, Steele is a litmus test for the GOP – keeping him would show they take the TeaParty support for granted and will most likely lose it by the next election. Toss him over, and it’ll be a sign they are willing to deal with real difficult issues that anger and worry so many of their constituents…

Watch the entire yawneriffic RNC debate by CLICKING HERE!