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Popa Fett – Intergalactic Catholic Bounty-Hunter!!

At the office, I had a funny conversation with a co-worker who is slightly more obsessed than I am about Star Wars. Actually, his obsession leans more towards the geek-reading-of-non-canonical-novels whereas my geekdom leans towards the admits-the-sequels-sucked-and-despises-george-lucas variety.

IN any case, somehow he inspired me to come up with the glorious and brilliant concept of…. the POPA FETT!!!

Praise me in the comments for my great wit and imagination.

I DEMAND YOUR PRAISE GRINGOS!!! (and people of other colors as well).

UPDATE: All of my products have been taken off of the service I was using because they are snowflakes and hate right-wing Mexicans. Also, they stole the money I had saved up through the sales of my designs!! Nice, huh? #EffZazzle

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Or at least, buy the t-shirt version and support your local soopermexican….