Global Warming

Global Warming will Save Us from Turning INTO ZOMBIES!

As reported, “Scientists have identified four new species of brain-controlling fungi that turn ants into zombies that do the parasite’s bidding before it kills them.”

Watch the incredible video of the parasitic ZOMBIE fungus that infiltrates insects’ brains, and controls them in order to make it more likely to infect other animals!

Great Rosie O’Donnell’s backshavings! What will save us from this zombie plague?!

Here comes our saviour on it’s carbon footprinted horse! It’s GLOBAL WARMING!

“During their visits to Brazil, Hughes and his colleagues saw that the high-elevation site where the species was found had become markedly drier and hotter. Hughes attributed the change in conditions ….to global warming.”

That’s right, dear readers! The only thing that keeps this zombie plague from bursting out of the wild rainforest and striking our children and feral cats is your burning of fossil fuels, and selfish, unregulated misappropriation of capricious gaia’s natural resources that threaten to slaughter us in our comfy beds!!!

So throw caution to the windmills! Waste that gas! If we don’t, everyone we know and love will become fungus-zombies! And possibly devour our brains! Science says so! SCIENCE!!!

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