The premise of the Gringo Test is very simple. If you can get through various presentations of Mexican culture without shouting racial epithets or oppressing the nearest Hispanic, then you are an above average gringo!

This is the first test. Get through this entire song – grit your teeth, lie back and think of America – it has very deep strains of Mexy-American culture running throughout. You do NOT have to watch the video. That will be covered in a more advanced Gringo Test.

Keep track of your score, as more Gringo Tests are released, and you score high enough, you may earn your “Orale Gringo Certification!”

Disclaimer: If you FAIL this Gringo Test, that is NOT necessarily proof that you are racist or that you hate Latinos. It only implies that Mexy culture annoys you a little. However, if you DO fail the Gringo Test, it might do your pale salsa-hating soul good to make some MexyReparations…