Political Science

A Nasty, Brutish and Short Birthday

Thomas Hobbes was born on April 5th, 1588, which would make him 423 years young today!! When asked, the cranky old man said that his greatest accomplishment was his preposterous and incorrect theorem to square the circle.

Later, political philosophers would proclaim that his greatest gift to this mechanistic, pessimistic world was his book, Leviathan, oft-cited as the beginning of modern political theory.

But I say thee NAY! His greatest benefit to mankind was being the model for the Hobbes in Calvin and Hobbes!! To honor his memory and all the happiness he’s given to so many, I offer to you John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes, in the Bill Watterson style!

John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes in the style of Calvin and Hobbes!
Check out the Contest that inspired me to draw this by clicking on this image that I based my version of Calvin and Hobbes on…

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OR, buy Hobbes’ book that began the long descent of Western Civilization into spiritual suicide!

Leviathan: With Selected Variants from the Latin Edition of 1668