WONKETTE editor calls online outrage “Cult of Trig” and “Weird Garbage Loop”

You all know by now about the horrendous comments and image that WONKETTE posted about Sarah Palin’s son, Trig, who has Down Syndrome. The twitter firestorm has caused Huggies and Poppa Johns’ to cut their advertising from the site, while the outrage continues on the internets.

Apparently there has been an email exchange about the entire episode between the unrepentant editor of Wonkette, Ken Layne,  and Dave Weigel, of Journolist fame. He doesn’t show one ounce of regret or concern, and indeed, seems to double-down on the disgusting attack on Trig:

You know there’s not a damn thing anywhere on Wonkette that is directed at that child. Let’s do something that has never before happened on the Internet, and be intellectually honest here. We have been mocking Palin for using that kid as a political prop since 2008. I said I don’t care for where Jack went with that post, because when you’re mocking the Team Sarah people and their weird Cult of Trig, it is just too nuanced. Stick to mocking Palin, stick to calling her a monster for doing that to a kid, special needs or not.

“There’s a way to make fun of Palin and her fanbase without going there.” You know, I wish this was true. But you can’t, because the fanbase has become the Cult of Trig. It is a weird garbage loop and really, like I told Jack, the only way to avoid it is to ignore her dumb base and stick to mocking Palin. Allah knows they go crazy enough over *that*.

It is incredible that he can continue to deny that the attack was squarely aimed at Trig. How insanely tone-deaf can you be to all the furor over the post that’s coming from the Right as well as the Left and everything in between?

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