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MSNBC praises the Hitler of the Mid-East*

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Thank goodness the press is so eager to give dictators equal time so that we can see their side of the issues. Now we can understand that Ahmadinejad seeks for Iran:

“I want the same future as I want for every nation of the world – Peace, Friendship, Happiness and Unity.”

Reminds me of another leader that was hounded when he broke international treaties on armaments while proclaiming peace.

“What the…Government, as the guardian of the honor and interests of the…nation, desires is to make sure that [we] possess[es] sufficient instruments of power …to command international respect and value as co-guarantor of general peace.”

Who was this soft-hearted pacifist? Well, he was short, had a funny mustache, and hated the Jews. To compare him to Ahmadinejad is ridiculous! Mahmoud doesn’t have a funny mustache!

“…Adolf Hitler speaks with the tongue of Peace.” as reported in TIME magazine, March 25th, 1935.

When another state official said in regards to German re-arming prior to the Second World War,  “Now war may come at any minute,” TIME reported:

More likely, according to Germans close to Hitler, is a sensational “démarche of peace,” with the Fatherland marching spotless back into the League of Nations while armorers perfect the fighting gear of half a million fine young Germans.

What makes this idiocy even more stark are three factors multiplying the danger of this media appeasement:

1) Ahmadinejad has made it very clear that he wishes the destruction of the Jews, whereas early in Hitler’s rule, his anti-Semitic enmity was known, but the horror his deadly intent was only truly understood once he was defeated.

2) In 1935, we had few examples of appeasing and ignoring monstrous anti-Semitic dictators as awful as Hitler, while the Holocaust is well-known to us.

3) Hitler only sought conventional weapons, while Ahmadinejad seeks the terrible power of nuclear armaments.


Instead of saying, “Never Forget,” perhaps we should be asking, “Does ANYONE Remember?”


thanks to 400LbGo on Twitter for bringing the video to my attention!

*UPDATE: A note on the title - Originally I got the link to the video through MSNBC, 
but the show actually ran on NBC. My apologies for any confusion.