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Occupy Denver crashes BlogCon11

The pathetic lice-ridden losers of #OccupyDenver try to crash BlogCon11!!! I see some Misfit Politics kids in the crowd too!


Video from our Misfit POlitics misfitters!!!


Occupy Denver to come back… attendees tweeting pics of security waiting to greet them:

from @DLoesch:

outside the blog convention

Larry O Connor of the Bigs went out and chanted against the filthy protesters!


Video from the filthy protesters’ RETURN to accost our noble Conservatives!

Ezra Dulis!! What side are you on?!?!?

video provided by @anitamoncrief


the full monty, from breitbart, through Larry O Connor:

oh no! Et TU, Louis Fowler?!

Security targets my mexy homie louis and ask him for his ID!!! so racist!!

we’ve all been there man.