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Will Americans Rule Themselves or Be Ruled by Others?

I am not of the character to give much of the available space in my brain to conspiracy theories. Or at least, I don’t believe in them. I love hearing about them and marveling at the outrageous and stupid things people will themselves to believe. I think at the heard of a lot of conspiratorial belief is a degradation of a real urge in the soul of man – the belief in good and evil, and that some force guides all human events. I’ll discuss this more later…

In the meantime however, I very much encourage everyone to listen to a discussion that might sound like a conspiracy theory. In his book, Sovereignty or Submission, Jon Fonte outlines the many different people and institutions behind the post-modern globalist philosophy that seeks not to destroy nationalism, but to surpass it, transcend it, and shove us all into a new global government.


Book Discussion: Sovereignty or Submission?


In describing the trans-nationalist intellectual movement, Fonte sets up a model to describe the three competing models of governance. These seem, in my estimation, to mirror the three great philosophical models, that of classical, modern, and post-modern thought. Some of the elements he ascribes to one of the three models are below:

  • Inherent Rights versus Ascribed Rights
  • Nationalism or American Exceptionalism versus Internationalism (the UN) versus TransNationalism (Globalism)
  • Representative Democracy versus Pure Democracy, versus Post-Democratic Global Sovereignty
  • Philadelphian Sovereignty verus Westfalian Sovereignty versus Global Sovereignty

If these ideas seem foreign to you, or you’re not quite sure which you agree with, I highly encourage you to listen to the podcast, read the book, and look into these issues more.

This globalist thought pervades the establishment of the EU, which should frighten us all, since, as Fonte points out:

“In Europe, there was no debate. If you tried to have the debate, you were a fascist or a nazi…”

Fonte summarizes his position towards the end this way:

“Do Americans citizens live under the constitution or under evolving norms  of international law?”

“In the final analysis the conflict between global governance and the liberal democratic nation-state is a moral conflict, and the side that seizes and holds the moral high ground will prevail. The conflict raises the oldest issue of politics: Who should govern? The fundamental question beneath this global struggle is: Do Americans (and other free peoples) have the moral right to rule themselves? The globalists say no, sovereignty must be “pooled.” Like the Founding Fathers yesterday, the Philadelphia sovereigntists today, say yes. It is time to prepare for the long struggle ahead.”

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