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US to GREECE total debt comparison

Here is your “I don’t see a problem here” graph/stats for the day: A comparison of the total debt, and gross domestic product between the blessed United States and the plummeting Greece.

Sure, most people cite the GDP to Debt ratio, which is important. However, sometimes the pure scale of the problem is disguised by ratios. Our debt is $15 trillion this year, and Greece’s debt is about $300 billion (Euros converted to Dollars). That’s 50 times as much debt, people. FIFTY TIMES as MUCH DEBT.

Yes, yes, I know, I know, their debt to GDP ratio is about 146% and ours just hit 100% [thanks Obama!].

So… I don’t see a problem here:

I mean, it’s not like we can’t just TAX our way out of it. Oh. We can’t? …I don’t see a problem here.

sources: EUROSTAT and USGovernmentSpending.com


I’m reminded that in 2008, Obama’s slogan was “YES WE CAN!”, and as early as a few months ago, Obama promised as he grinned like an idiot, “We’re halfway there!”. We certainly are well on our way to Greece’s 146% ratio…