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Obama Campaign Manager Mocks Latinos

Today leftist halfwit and pasty white gringo Dana Milbank wrote a column decrying the GOP’s lack of pandering to the Latino community. Of course, the Obama administration has such a fantastic record of promising everything to Latinos, and giving us nothing.

Then, in a stroke of fantastic arrogance, he ends with this insulting line:

“The chimichanga? It may be the only thing Republicans have left to offer Latinos.”

Amazing – imagine if a conservative pundit had made that exact observation, or any other stereotypical comment about another racial group. We would be awash in howls to have them strung up by their heels.

Instead, to make things worse, Obama’s 2012 campaign manager, Jim Messina, tweeted the following in approval:

What incredible arrogance would cause these idiots to disdain Latinos? It’s the same grown out of the knowledge that no matter how much Democrats promise Latinos, and how little they deliver, they will count on their vote, as if we’re beaten dogs returning to their master. Let them know you don’t appreciate this insult to Latinos, whatever race you are:


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~~~ UPDATE ~~

In response to the furor, Messina says dismissively,

Except… the NUMBER ONE ISSUE for Hispanics is JOBS, and the Economy, and Obama’s support is collapsing among Hispanics, as more and more of us are beginning to see through the pandering and arrogant attitude of this administration.