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Liberal Talk Host Mocks Tornado Victims

While the leftist news media industrial complex is slamming Rush Limbaugh for the Obama administration, liberals get to say whatever they want without any coverage.

Witness Mike Malloy, who touts himself as a “liberal/progressive talk show host”, who made this disgusting comment about the victims of the recent tornadoes in the midwest:

“Their God, if this is the way they want to look at it, keeps smashing them into little greasespots on the pavement, in Alabama, in Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia and Oklahoma, you know the bible belt..”

here he breaks into a very offensive impression of a midwest religious believer:

“where they ain’t gonna let no g*dd*mn science get in the way, it says in the bible blah blah blah,
so according to their way of thinking, y’know, God with his omnipotent thumb, and so far tonight, has smashed so far 20 people on highway 12, or whatever the hell highway they live next to..”

Listen to the recording, via the Right Scoop:

So where is the outrage? Where are those who are disgusted by incivility when one of their own says such awful things about American citizens who perished in a terrible tragedy?

Are they going to call for all of his advertisers to pull their ads from his show? No – because the fake outrage from the left around Rush’s comments are about pushing a narrative to help Obama’s reelection.

Please retweet this to at least let Mike Malloy know his despicable comments won’t go unnoticed:


Here’s a picture of one of the poor victims of the Tornado, Angel Babcock:

She was found in a field after the tornado struck. Her parents and 2 siblings were killed. Doctors were hopeful she might survive, but she died just today.

She’s just a “grease spot” to a liberal talk radio show host wanting to mock God, and those Americans who believe in Him.

From the same story:

“We’re going to keep living,” said the Rev. Steve Schaftlein during a Sunday service at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, where about 100 people gathered under a patched-up 6-foot hole in the roof to worship and catch up on news of the tornado.

Of course, this earns nothing but sneering and scorn from this progressive liberal animal. Where’s the outrage? What did little Angel Babcock do to earn this scorn and mockery? She happened to be born in the “bible belt” that liberals hate too much.

But you won’t hear about this story – you’ll hear a phony story about Sandra Fluke’s romantic proclivities. Great job, news media.

A brazen supporter of this trash sent me info on their “proud advertiser”, Goldarama.

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