Occupy Wall Street

Occupier Taken Down By Police at Zucotti Park Protest

A protester got into an altercation with an officer, knocked an old woman down, and ran off with cops in chase. They chased him down an alley, where he gave up, with arms up in the air, and a plain clothes cop tackled him to the ground.

Here’s the video:

Video streaming by Ustream

These are screencaps from the Timcast stream of the protest:

When the guy figured out he was caught, he stopped running – I’m not sure if he’s surrounded by any other cops right now…

But this next guy takes him down:


Immediately the filthy occupiers accuse them of police brutality – because they didn’t see what he did to cause this…

Is that Kurt Schlichter?!

EAT THE DIRT, Occupier!!!

You want some pepper spray with that dirt?

The crowd goes a little crazy – on the left someone accosts the police…

They take him down immediately – the crowd goes nuts

Morons reacting to normal police procedure with , “police brutality!” shouts:

They walked the suspect away with an enormous crowd of occupiers screaming at them, and getting in the way of the arrest..

The guy in the brown is the policeman who took down the perp:

Reaction to taking the perp away:

The crowd got very unruly:


Police arrest while the crowd surges:

The aftermath:

Stuffing him into the paddywagon, appropriately enough:

He was pretty defiant till the end – yelling at the crowd something.

This was the crowd of people documenting the arrest: