Obama Team Making Money Off Trayvon Death – Asks “What Team Are You On?” With Hoodie

No one is surprised that Obama would try to opportunistically take advantage of the death of Trayvon Martin with his comments last Friday.

Just to make sure you got the message that Obama isn’t above stoking the fires of a racewar in order to secure a second term, his 2012 re-election propaganda machine wants you to wear a hoodie in support:


The hoodie has become an icon of the movement seeking to overturn the rule of law and have George Zimmerman strung up for his racist crimes. They’ve gone so far as to call him a “white Hispanic” in order to further the racial hostility.

Aren’t you proud you have a president who will pander to race-hatred and try to make a quick buck off of it?

You can wear your “”P***Y ASS CRACKER” shirt underneath your hoodie

So consider your answer to Obama’s question carefully – “What team are you on?”