Martin Bashir Polemical Racebaiter for Obama 2012

The election of racebaiting is just beginning folks. Martin Bashir will make sure Obama’s campaign keeps rolling with wheels lubricated on white guilt.

video courtesy of Accuracy in Media

 DYSON: I think these are codewords, wuff whistles, dog whistles. Y’know this is all the kind of codewhistles of the right-wing assault on the character and integrity of a man who is as mild-mannered a black man as you’re gonna find.

That’s good to know. Apparently the DNC went on a nationwide search to find the most mild-mannered black man to represent them. Great job finding him! Remember before the election where Biden made similar comments about Obama being so clean? He had to profusely apologize for that.

If you can’t accept Barack Obama in the presidency as an intelligent articulate African-American man going about trying to negotiate between competeting claims and rival arguments about what is right and wrong, then you can’t accept anybody.

Well, we tried to get a 100% African-American guy in the White House, but that didn’t work out too well. This is kind of amazing considering the incredible racist past of the Democrats. Just google Robert Byrd.

He is as mild-mannered and considerate, and thoughtful and reflective as a man might be.

It’s just amazing that he’s so obsessed with his mannerisms. This is a favorite trick of the left – assume what you’re trying to prove, namely that the Republicans are racist, don’t prove it, derive a conclusion from that axiom, namely that such racists would hate a black president despite him being mild-mannered, and keep asserting this is true as if it proves your first point or not.

In other words, if Republicans have other reasons to want to rid the White House of Obama, we would also want to do so whether he’s mild-mannered or not. So it’s irrational and pointless to keep acting like this proves anything.

And on top of that… there is a kind of a resentment of the Right Wing that this man has lost his moorings because he doesn’t know where he belongs, which is underneath them, subordinate to their particular practices.

Again, yes, that is the attitude of racists. But that we want to get rid of Obama doesn’t logically necessitate that this is our motivation. It’s stupid on the face of it, but this is how the left demagogues when they have no facts.

To easily call him a thug and to call him a person who is a bully is also coded to try to make him look like “the other” again. LIke he’s outsde the pale of our normal American practices, and he has to be treated suspiciously. It’s quite ridiculous.

In point of fact, he is a thug because he praises those who have used violence to enforce their agenda, namely the Unions and the Occupy Movement. Further, he pals around with Marxists and unrepentant America-hating terrorists. So yes, he is a thug by proxy. In no way is this new – Republicans decried Clinton much in the same way, and Democrats absolutely vilified George Dubya.

This is interesting – the use of the word “suspicious” here. I wonder if this will be the new dog whistle on the left. First Trayvon was adopted by Obama as his son, and now Obama will be transmogrified into the very image of Trayvon. He’s “suspicious” and that’s why the racist Republicans want to kill him just like Zimmerman did.

Even though he was a Democrat. But ignore that.

Bashir: So you’re almost suggesting Professor Dyson they’re happy for him being involved to use his labor to build the White House, but for him to win an election and live in the White House, that’s just not acceptable.

Dyson: You’re a great speech writer, and a uhhh y’know polemecist of the highest order!

Just pathetic.