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Piers Morgan Intimidated by Jonah Goldberg’s “Invading Twitter Online Roman Army”

Piers Morgan had Jonah Goldberg back on his show after his ridiculous attempt to catch him in a contradiction on his new book, “The Tyranny of Cliches.

Piers made the following comment early on:

“There was an assumpation made by you and your army of supporters online, which becomes like a kind of like a new invading twitter facebook online Roman army, crashing towards me…”

Poor little Piers got intimidated by people on Twitter and Facebook.

The interaction here is much more interested than in the previous video, where Piers Morgan comes off like an arrogant dimwit in an obsessive mission to paint Jonah as using cliches himself.

If you want to hear a better explication of what the book is about, listen to this interview at KQED, a San Francisco NPR affiliate. The host does a much better job of actually engaging Jonah about his book, even though his callers are oddly turgid in their insistence on proving Jonah’s point by spewing forth mindless leftist cliches.

Buy Jonah’s book here:

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