ACTION ALERT! Republicans Can Vote To Defeat Obama in Arkansas Dem Primary!

Blogger Jorge Bonilla  made the brilliant discovery and suggestion that could hand a democrat primary defeat to Obama in Arkansas:

Operation Razorback Chaos

The Arkansas Democratic primary is a week away.  That is, the open Arkansas primary, in which President Barack Obama is only up 7 against Tennesee attorney John Wolfe (H/T Twitchy.com).  Did I mention that this is an open primary?

As White House Dossier correctly points out, the RNC should look at the potential here, particularly against the (apparently) non-insane Wolfe.  The challenge comes at an awkward time for the Obama campaign, on the heels of last week’s West Virginia fiasco in which The One was unable to break 60 percent against a federal inmate.  I see enormous potential for mayhem here, especially after the awesome clowning that was Juddmentum.

Now that the rest of the GOP field tapped out, there’s no risk.  Think about it, Arkansas Republicans…it’s like a hashtag hijack, but funner!

This is a great idea and would be terribly embarrassing to the Obama campaign. Yes, they’re no way they’ll win Arkansas in the general anyway, but the bad press would be very enjoyable! Get’er done, gringos!!!

The Arkansas Primary is TUESDAY, MAY 22nd 2012! Save the date!

Jorge got the nod of approval from Hot Air blog!