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Barbra Streisand Supports Convicted Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin

There has been an ongoing effort by some on the left to shut down conservative opinion on the internet and elsewhere, and one of the nastiest cockroaches leading the charge is Brett Kimberlin. In a previous post, I have linked to, and explained some of the more horrendous acts he’s been involved in. Please take the time to read up on him.

One of the more surprising discoveries about him is that people and institutions on the left have been donating money to his organizations, some knowingly, others not. One such notable name is Barbra Streisand.

Yeah… THAT Barbra Streisand. The one missing an “a”.

Stacy McCain documents how her foundation gave $10,000 to Kimberlin’s non-profit “Music for Justice.” Incredibly, this non-profit organization founded and led by a convicted domestic terrorist had partnered with the State Department to help Arabs and other Middle-Easterners understand how to use art to further political ends.

This is exactly what happens when the media is owned by one wing of the political divide, and why we have to support and defend those independent news sources that are targeted by degenerates like Brett Kimberlin.

Take a moment to send a message asking her if she still supports this maggot: