From Breitbart Unmasked Website, Judgements Against Aaron Walker

This came from the “Breitbart Unmasked” site, reportedly run by terrorist Brett Kimberlin:

Aaron Justin Walker Attorney at Law: JAILED

For violating a restraining order and for maliciously attacking Brett Kimberlin.

According to sources inside the courtroom, the Judge in the case ruled against Aaron Justin Walker in a most severe way, telling Mr. Walker that the courts were the rule of law and not Mr. Walker. Further news will be posted as it comes in. For now, Aaron Justin Walker is in the Montgomery County Maryland Jail after being escorted out of the courtroom in handcuffs. The Judge was heard to say as Mr. Walker was being escorted out, “that if this were a criminal case in his courtroom that Mr. Walker would be looking at serious jail time.” Mr. Walker was in total shock as he was escorted out to the jail.


  • Judge ruled that case was built upon FALSE NARRATIVE that Aaron Walker created as revenge plot against Mr. Kimberlin.
  • Judge ruled that Aaron Walker did in fact ASSAULT Mr. Kimberlin.
  • Judge ruled that Medical Records that Mr. Kimberlin had produced at a prior trial were in fact legitimate medical records pertaining to the assault – and not forged documents as Mr. Walker had claimed in a number of articles.
  • Judge ruled that Mr. Walker had a clear purpose/motive in inciting people to attack Mr. Kimberlin.
  • Video that Aaron Walker used to claim exoneration did not in fact exonerate him of an assault.

More to come as it comes in.

h/t to the inimitable Joe Brooks!