Radio Caller Alleges Infiltrating Union Buspool For Voter Fraud

UPDATE: Caller did not leave number, story unverified.

Fox News found this amazing call into a radio show:

From Fox News:

On WMAL’s The Chris Plante Show today a Michigan resident by the name of “Mike” called in to discuss how he had infiltrated a Michigan Union’s organized bus convoy, en-route to vote in the Wisconsin recall election for Democrats.

The caller claimed that Michigan’s “Democrat Unions” had organized a convoy of 4 buses, filled with Michigan Democrats, with the intention of voting for Tom Barrett in the Wisconsin recall election. 

Caller “Mike” describes “Greyhound size buses, filled to capacity” with a good amount of “freebies” available, “They treated me to lunch!”

The caller also points out that the organizers did not tell union riders that it is illegal to vote in Wisconsin if you’re from another state.

They have an entire transcript of the call here.

So is this a hoax? Trying to make Republicans look gullible? The host Chris sounded slightly suspicious. Mike seemed to have lots of details.

UPDATE: The Right Scoop reports that caller did not leave his number, so story cannot be verified.