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Liberal Left Unhappy With Obama’s Tepid Tweet Support in Wisconsin

Hard not to enjoy the Schadenfreude here:

I love that the liberals are stuck between two terrible positions – either he was smart not to be there, because he is irrelevant and wouldn’t have made a difference anyway, or he was a coward, and couldn’t put his neck out for his Union supporters.

So delicious.

Aside from the joy at the angst they’re spewing forth, one of the bitter ironies all Americans should recognize is that this is not the first time Obama has been a pathetic leader. It’s only the first time that Liberals have noticed it. And why is that? Because they don’t care if Obama betrays the Czechs and Poland to Russia, they don’t care if the Muslim Brotherhood takes over in Egypt, or if Islamist extremists split the Sudan and impose Shariah Law, or that our anti-terrorist ally Libya slides towards extremism.

The only time the Left gets angry is when their specific selfish interests are endangered by Obama’s fecklessness.

It is small consolation to laugh at the bitterness of our political opponents.

But laugh anyway:


Oh and here is Cenk Unkyar whining that OBAMA ISN’T REALLY PROGRESSIVE! BWAHAHAH!