Univision Anchor Jorge Ramos Angry At Obama Campaign Use Of His Image

Jorge Bonilla alerted me to this extraordinary statement by Spanish language channel Univision’s anchor Jorge Ramos, objecting to the Obama campaign using his image in their ads:

Click on “CC” if the English captions don’t pop up.

Guanabee offers this translation:

 “A few hours ago President Obama’s reelection campaign aired an ad using my image and Univision’s. I want to make it clear that I object to the use of my image and Noticias Univision’s in any electoral campaign. We have made this clear to Barack Obama’s reelection campaign and the White House. We are making this a public statement of our nonconformity. We’ve always defended our journalistic independence and will continue to do so.”

Just add to the list of disdainful acts the Obama administration has taken against the Hispanic community to show how little he values us:

David Axelrod calls a possible Rubio VP pick “disgraceful

Democratic strategist says Obama has enough money to buy off the community

Obama re-schedules “Cinco de Cuatro” for us, to keep it out of the way of his campaign.

Obama combines Latino fundraiser with LGBT fundraiser.

And of course, there’s always the specter of Fast and Furious that resulted in at least 300 dead Mexican nationals through the illegal sale of guns to drug czars, authorized by ATF. What little media coverage has been allowed to dribble out has still not inspired enough anger to demand that Eric Holder and the Department of Justice stop stonewalling the investigation.

Jorge offers some background on the story at his great website, El Tercer Riel [it’s en ingles].