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#WAWAGate: Demand MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Retract Her Story, Apologize, and Show Full Video

Yesterday the liberal media went a little crazy in their attempt to try to make comments from Mitt Romney at a campaign stop about a WAWA hoagie purchase into this election’s “George Bush Grocery Scanner” moment. If you’ll remember, the media reported that George H. W. Bush was absolutely amazed by a grocery scanner, painting him as aloof and out of touch with the common man.

After the damage was done to his campaign, it came out that the media had lied – he was actually amazed that the scanner could still scan a ripped label, and was perfectly acquainted with the technology. Still, it was a teachable moment – teaching us how the media can push an agenda by distorting the truth.

Well, they tried to do it to Mitt, and they encountered this masked Mexican in their way. READ MORE HERE.

Here’s a great video by MRCTV with both videos – Andrea’s deceptive edit, and Mitt Romney’s full speech:


The story has gone all through the Conservative Blogosphere, and it shows what a difference #JustABlogger can make. Remember that when ABC put out a similarly deceptive edit of George Zimmerman to damage him? THAT producer was supposedly fired, though never identified. While that edit put a man’s life in danger, this edit tried to DECEIVE the American public and sway their political opinion. Both are insidious in their own way. 

This morning, Glenn Beck covered the story with some real devastating criticism, and called for the suspension of Andrea Mitchell and any producer who provided that edit.

If YOU want to help, tweet, retweet, and email MSNBC and their producers demanding three things: 1) that Andrea Mitchell apologize, 2) that she retract the story, and 3) that she show the full video.



Politico’s Dylan Byers reporting that Andrea Mitchell will address my story:

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell will address her program’s decision to run edited footage from a Mitt Romney campaign stop that mischaracterized his statements and set off a firestorm of criticism on the right.

“Andrea will address this on her MSNBC show today at 1p eastern,” a network spokesperson told POLITICO.


Shameless Andrea Mitchell acts as if it was all an accident.. just pathetic. And Chris Cilliza goes along with at all… amazing:


Thanks to The Right Scoop for the Video!!

Rush Limbaugh talked about it after the slimy ridiculous admission on MSNBC… it’s sad that the news media is so arrogant it can’t even admit when it’s been BEATEN….

…by the SooperMexican.


Remind Chris Cillizza of his part in this journalistic travesty:


Fellow right-wing blogger Tracy at @RememberComeNov made a great video showing that Andrea Mitchell and Chris had plenty of time to shove the entire Romney video in, if they had just stopped cackling for 10 seconds. Literally, ten seconds.

She also made the great discovery of the identity of Andrea Mitchell’s producer! Let’s check in on Subrate De! She has a twitter!