NBC Edits Out Olympics’ Tribute to Victims of Terrorism

While Americans enjoyed the opening of the London Olympics, NBC made an editorial decision that baffled viewers and outraged others. The Olympics opening included a somber tribute to the victims of terrorism, but Americans were instead treated to an insipid interview by Ryan Secreast.

Why would they do this? What is so offensive by acknowledging that there are evil people in this world who are willing to kill innocents to further their political aims?

Watch the edited out segment at Deadspin.com, which broke the story.

NBC has been pummeled with complaints and offered this paltry excuse for an explanation:

NBC spokesman Christopher McCloskey said it was never the intention to stream the ceremony. He said it was a complex entertainment spectacle that does not translate well online because it requires context.

This action continues in the leftist liberal policy to make sure Americans recognize terrorism as little as possible.

  1. 2009 Fort Hood Shooting: Major Nidal screamed “Allah Akbar” while murdering 13 and wounding another 29 soldiers – this has been classified as “workplace violence” instead of an act of terrorism despite all the evidence that it was motivated by Islamist extremism.
  2. Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano refuses to use the word “terrorism” in respect to Islamists because she doesn’t want to cause “hysteria”, but is very comfortable calling pro-life groups and other conservative organizations by the term “terrorist”.
  3. During the Bush administration, every episode of This Week with George Stephanopoulos would end with a somber slideshow of the soldiers that had died that week fighting the War on Terror. After Obama began his presidency, this practice was ended.
  4. While the Afghanistan War was unpopular, the media used statistics on violence to damage George Bush, but hardly report that last month Afghanistan had the most civilization deaths in 5 years.
  5. In official government documents, the Obama administration has stopped referring to “Islamist Extremism and replaced with it with the broad designation of “violent extremism”. 
  6. Both Obama and Biden have not used the term “War on Terror” since the administration began it’s term.

This demonstrates the vast gulf between conservative and liberal worldviews. Liberals believe ignoring terrorism will make it go away, since we’re the root cause of terrorism, and management of language shapes the world. Conservatives believe terrorism will only stop when we confront it, and destroy it, and that begins with identifying it honestly.