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SEIU Co-Opting Occupy Wall Street for Anti-Romney Campaign

Despite vigorously denying that they are organized for any particular party, Occupy Wall Street’s newest campaign seems like it was organized by SEIU staffers to give their anti-Romney drive a “grassroots” appearance.

Occupiers announced that they would be organizing a boycott against companies owned by Bain Capital, and started passing out flyers with the hashtag “RomneyEconomics” to be used on twitter. Just a few days later, the Democrats release a bus with nearly the identical message, and unveiled the website www.RomneyEconomics.com.

This was tweeted out by proto-communications director Brad Woodhouse, and the Democrats’ twitter account:

The website even redirects to Obama’s website at this URL: http://www.barackobama.com/romney/economics/

Now let’s look at the organizers.

Valarie Bachelor posted a Bain Workers Rise page on Facebook as a part of the anti-Bain push. She’s also been tweeting under the hashtag #RomneyEconomics.

Valarie works for OurDC”, a not-for-profit that agitates for labor, but when she’s not screeching about the minimum wage, she works for SEIU as her LinkedIn account shows.  Of course, she doesn’t mention her union ties when she addresses Occupy Wall Street groups, as in this video.

This is not a coincidence.

The Daily Caller identified This is Our DC as a part of the secret network of SEIU front groups, intended to create the appearance of a grassroots movement while pushing the leftist agenda and helping Democrats. This includes infiltrating Occupy Wall Street groups and bend their resources to Union ends.

UPDATE: Lachlan Markay was able to document that SEIU donated $1,158,790 for “Our DC” to create supposedly spontaneous “flashmobs” of anti-romney protesters:

The protests were hyped online by a website called ThisIsOurDC.org. Protestors wore t-shirts with the site’s symbol… While the site does not identify itself as a project of the SEIU – and, in fact, takes steps to hide its registrant information from web domain information service WhoIs – its listed address, 1800 Massachusetts Ave. NW, is the same as the union’s D.C. headquarters.

Another account identified with “OurDc” is a “Mr. Devoe” at @D_Devoe. He also seems a little obsessed with making the hashtag trend:


 As we approach the election expect more of this attempt to infiltrate, adopt and focus the disheveled and disorganized Occupy movement, which has otherwise lost momentum and will look for any source of rejuvenation, even if it means selling out to the Democrats.



 special thanks to Lachlan Markay for info used in this post.

A friend in DC snapped these photos and noted that the signs were professionally printed and designed – not typical for the sewer rats that usually scrawl on pizza boxes with used lipstick and crayons:


Here are some anti-Romney tweets from the other SEIU astroturf clones identified by the Daily Caller that pretend to be “grassroots”:

Eric Fought posts at “Minnesotans for a Fair Economy”

Minnesotans for a Fair Economy trying on Occupying themes: