Occupy Wall Street

Occupy RNC Protesters Chant “Obama is a F**king Traitor,” “We Are the Coming Insurrection!”

[strong language]

This video is from the march to the RNC of the Occupiers – those videotaping don’t seem to be political. They capture the extremism of the Occupiers chanting, “One, F**k Obama, Two F**k Obama, Three, Obama is F**king Traitor!!”

You think the media will go as crazy as when a Mitt Romney supporter called Obama a traitor? Not for their beloved unwashed bathsalts-addled rapist hippies. Romney surrogate John Sunnunu even had to apologize for daring to call Obama “un-American.”

From Joan Walsh at Salon: “It kept getting worse all week. Again on Friday a McCain-Palin supporter called Barack Obama a “traitor,” and John McCain said nothing.”

USA Today: Some in the [pro-McCain] audience are making it personal, against the Democrat [Obama]. Shouts of “traitor,” “terrorist,” “treason,” “liar,”…

Let’s not forget these are the filthy degenerates that Obama told,you are the reason I ran for president.”

But don’t worry, these idiots hate Republicans too, as shown by their chant, “One, F**k Mitt Romney, Two F**k Mitt Romney, Three, Mitt Romney is a F**king A**Hole!” Although I notice that while Obama is a “traitor” Romney is merely an “a**hole” – sounds like racism to me. Sounds like they’re making Obama out to be the “other.” I think MSNBC’s Toure should be called upon to express his rage over this “ni**erization” of Obama!

These are just your run-of-the-mill anarchists who want to destroy government. Don’t believe me? Listen to them chant, “We are the coming insurrection!”

I’m not sure how serious we should take them, as these are the idiots who’ve already had to beg cops for water because they didn’t bring enough.

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