The 2012 Democratic National Convention

This post will serve as a repository for whatever media I might find from the DNC that I find interesting. Come back every now and then!

September 2nd 2012

The Occupy maggot protesters vandalized ATM centers, in a move that will almost certainly inspire normal Charlotte citizens to join their degenerate cause:



Protest turn out is much lower than expected – thousands were promised, and so far, only about 700 showed up:

“Why aren’t there more young people?” asked Richard Conely.

The 61-year-old Atlanta resident, who was in town to show solidarity and take photographs, contrasted the gathering with protests he remembered from the 60s.

“The issue was the war and the draft,” he said. “There’s nothing like that that’s really made people say we have to get out there today. When Occupy started happening last year, I thought there would be lots of people coming out.”


The occupiers put out a call for greater numbers, acknowledging that what they are doing is illegal:


An female Occupier has been arrested and found with a knife. Concrete discs were found supposedly hidden for mayhem by the protesters.

There is another account that might be referring to these concrete discs, but I’m not sure:

Among the few signs of trouble: On an overpass on the parade route, police spotted a man with large rocks in his hand, looking like he was getting ready to throw them, said Police Chief Rodney Monroe. When officers approached the man, he dropped the rocks and ran, Monroe said. He has not been apprehended.

Police also arrested one woman who, according to a friend, refused to remove a scarf covering part of her face.

NEW POST: DNC Occupy protesters arming march route with rocks, bags of feces in anticipation of protest tomorrow. Police say they are illegally camping.

September 1st 2012

From one of the attendees:

Way to show how Democrats organize so well! LOL


Given the colloquial associations with the term “Donkey Show,” this seems like an unwise design. Or maybe they intend the double entendre given Obama’s policies?

The Democrats had a media welcoming party – this was the background of the twitter account of a comedian performing at the show:

My Tweets from Hashtag Game: #OverheardAtDNC2012!!!