Occupy DNC Protesters Arming with Rocks, Bags of Feces; Illegally Camping

After the rather tepid protest at the Republican National Convention last week, you might expect a lesser protest at the Democratic National Convention, given that the  Occupy Wall Street movement has been co-opted by Unions and the Democrats. Unfortunately, it looks like they’re arming up for a clash with police.

In this video from Charlotte News, it is reported that police are finding rocks and bags of feces being stashed along the march route for the maggot protesters:

Photojournalist for WCNC Jason Boyd also repeated this statement via twitter.

The unwashed idiot protesters have encamped at Marshall Park in Charlotte, indicating that they had heard from police that they would not be bothered:

Charlotte city leaders created the new rules with the DNC in mind, even clearing an Occupy Charlotte encampment at City Hall in January.

But the Occupiers are back — and are camping in Marshall Park under the watchful eyes of dozens of police officers.

“Our understanding with the city is we should not be bothered by police officers,” said Michael Zytkow, who called himself a liaison between the city and the occupy movement.

“We’ll be able to maintain our occupation.”

Police disagreed:

Saturday afternoon, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police sent a statement to NewsChannel 36 saying no permission had been given.

“City and County officials have not given permission to camp in any parks,” the statement read.

“Local law enforcement is assessing the situation and will evaluate enforcement options to ensure public safety.  The city’s intent is to have a peaceful and successful convention.”

If the police want to nip this in the bud, I’d expect them to evict the encampment very early on. Otherwise, “Obama’s army”, blessed by Nancy Pelosi, and said by Obama to be “the reason I ran for president” just might make things difficult for the DNC.

I’d almost wish the cops would let them have their way with the convention – let them harvest what they themselves have sown.


The occupiers put out a call for greater numbers, acknowledging that what they are doing is illegal:


An female ccupier has been arrested and found with a knife. Concrete discs were found supposedly hidden for mayhem by the protesters.