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Graphic Video of Libyans Pulling US Ambassador Stevens from Consulate


This video supposedly shows Libyans helping Ambassador Stevens from the wreckage of the consulate, as is being reported by The Atlantic:

The most fascinating details, however, is how Stevens is being treated. According to multiple translations, the crowd cheers most excitedly as word spreads that he is still alive. The men can be heard shouting, “Bring him out, man,” and “He’s still alive,” followed by multiple people chanting, “Alive, alive! God is great,” before someone calls for a car to take him the hospital. (We know that Stevens was indeed taken to the hospital, but was already dead before he arrived.)

And the Business Insider:

While it’s unclear who is in the video and why they were there, on the surface it appears that the  crowd was trying to help Stevens.

The Daily Beast noted: “it is not clear if they are protesters, looters, or nearby residents drawn to the scene after the attack.”

But why does it cut away so quickly? And is it necessarily the case that they’re happy he’s alive because they want him to be alive, or for other, less noble reasons? Can’t people celebrate with “Allah Akbar” when they think they have captured  a hostage?