Infamous Journolister Dave Weigel Thinks “Not Optimal” Controversy is Stupid, Loves “Binders” Snark!

Slate political reporter and MSNBC contributor Dave Weigel is more famously known for mocking and savaging Conservatives on a leaked email list called “Journolist.” It seems like twitter is his new Journolist, as he is much more open about despising the right, and massaging the idiocy of the left:

Hey Dave.. what did you think about that idiotic “Binders” meme that Obama has bet his campaign on? Did you think it was as stupid?

Let’s throw in there a mocking tweet about the ridiculous “hair-cut controversy” the liberal media tossed around!

Just a few minutes before that, he had been defending the idiotic “Binders” meme!!

When he was challenged on it by Breitbart writer Derek Hunter, he sarcastically responded:

Oh wait.. there’s this thing called google…



Fishbowl DC covered the “twitter freak out” over Weigel’s comments, and quoted this post:

Conservative blogger “Sooper Mexican” wrote up a post on Weigel’s dismissive tweets. He compared them to jokes Weigel made on Twitter about GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney‘s “binders full of women” remark in the debate this week. “Infamous Journolister Dave Weigel Thinks ‘Not Optimal’ Controversy is Stupid, Loves ‘Binders’ Snark!” blared the headline, suggesting Weigel is biased against Romney.

Weigel tries to make a distinction in order to explain away the seeming hypocrisy [emphasis added]:

Weigel told FishbowlDC…that he didn’t see the point his critics were making comparing his past “binders” jokes to his dismissal of Obama’s comments. He said the “binders” quote was an Internet meme bandied about and, in context, actually reflected well on Romney.

“The ‘optimal’ thing was just weird,” he said. “The Internet’s freak-out — which spread to Fox News — was over a line in a pool report that very few of the freak-out-ers actually saw. When the interview aired, the context only made Obama look callous if you were inclined to hate Obama already.”

Weigel blew off claims that he’s biased against Romney. “They were different quotes about different things in different contexts,” he said. “I’m horribly biased and unfair about such things.”

Nothing is mentioned of the fact that when confronted about his “binders” post, he denied ever having written about it. He never responded to having had his own article shoved back in his face.

Further, if the “binders” meme made Romney supposedly look good, why was his own article saying that scrutiny made it even worse?

Dave is spinning this so hard he could work for the Obama campaign. Uhm. More.