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Video of Public Sexual Harassment From Saudi Arabia

Sexual harassment of women from Muslim countries has mostly been ignored by American news media, despite their voracious regurgitation of the supposed Republican “War on Women.” Last year during the Egyptian uprising that dethroned Mubarak, South African reporter Lara Logan was assaulted in Tahrir Square by multiple men for an extended period of time in full view of the public.

The video below shows a shocking instance of sexual harassment by men in Saudi Arabia on women wearing the shroud of the burka:

Just this Sunday, it’s being reported that a mob of 300 sexually assaulted 3 women again near Tahrir Square:

After the assault, which took place near the Qasr al-Dobara Church that is used as a field hospital in the current protests, the women ran to the nearby Mugamma administrative building in Tahrir Square…

Their assaulters followed them there, but the employees of the building closed the doors to block them out. Dozens of other demonstrators, who had been holding a sit-in in the square, then beat the assaulters with sticks and rocks to disperse them, and took the women to their tents in the center of the square.

Why do they continue to ignore the heinous treatment of women in other countries while excoriating any conjured up slight against women in America?

Finally, a quick search of twitter shows that these sexual attacks are all too commonplace.

Erin Cunningham is the Middle East correspondent for the Global Post:

Oh and remember the awful idiotic comments that GOPers have made this last election?

Leftist newspaper Village Voice openly questioned whether Lara Logan was “really raped” – making such distinctions are only evil when Republicans do it.