UPDATE: Jon Hammar Hospitalized in Lousiana with Stomach & Chest Pains

MIAMI (CBS4) – The South Florida Marine Veteran released from a Mexican prison late last week had to be taken to an emergency room in Louisiana.

Jon Hammar, 27, was making his way back to his family’s Palmetto Bay home, after spending more than four months imprisoned in Mexico.

“He’s got some sort of a stomach bug,” Jon’s mother, Olivia Hammar, said Saturday, before he was hospitalized. “He hasn’t been able to eat. He had a banana, drinking some Gatorade and he has a really bad chest cold which we’re a little concerned may be pneumonia.”

He may not make it home for Christmas Eve, but at least he’s safe… let’s hope he recovers fully.


Jon Hammar was released on Sunday night from the hospital, and is now making the 14 hour trip home to Florida. Thankfully, it looks like he’ll make it to Christmas at home after all!


Fox News is reporting that Jon made it home:

Update, 11:34p ET: Hammar has arrived at his parent’s home in Florida, finally reuniting with his mother.