Huffpo Political Editor Retweets Misquote Implying Black Athletes are Stupid

This snippet from the LA Times has been making the rounds on the internet as people take Kobe Bryant’s joke as truth, and guffaw that the Lakers’ could be so stupid as to not know Lincoln was assassinated at the end of the movie:

Knowing how these things get out of hand quickly, I searched to find more info and almost immediately found out it was a joke Kobe made, not a statement of what actually happened. 

Why is it that the political editor of the Huffington Post just passed it along without thinking?

I wonder if people would assume that they were so stupid if it were a hockey team?

Of course, liberal Obama boot-lickers Huffington Post are given a free pass on any such implication – had it been a Fox News anchor or Michelle Malkin or someone at Breitbart.com, all we would hear is “racism!!”