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The Atlantic’s Publishes Scientologist “Advertorial”, Mocks Justice Clarence Thomas As a Dog

I don’t really think this is a scandal, I just like photoshopping.

Here’s my screencap!!



I really shouldn’t post Iowahawk’s tweets around my jokes, his genius diminishes their value… ah well..


Meanwhile, also at the Atlantic, one of their “journalists” writes a headline implying Justice Clarence Thomas is a dog:


The left has always despised and hated Justice Thomas for daring to be a black conservative. Now everyone say it with me – “if it had been a conservative that said that…”

You know what’s stupid? A Supreme Court justice advocating for a reading of the constitution as it was written.

You know what’s not stupid? Taking money from a religion that believes we’re all infected with evil aliens.

Too bad Justice Thomas isn’t a scientologist or a stonecutter, or they’d praise everything he does.


Meanwhile, at Salon, North-Korean-like adherents to the Obama cult mock the Atlantic’s sponsored article as reading “like North Korean propaganda”:

A “sponsored content” paean to David Miscavige reads like North Korean propaganda

It’s tough to make a buck in online journalism, and I’ll bet there isn’t a news operation on the Web that hasn’t run ads or “advertorials” sure to make its editorial staffers squirm. But running cult-of-personality propaganda that sounds like its straight out of the North Korean government? For the Church of Scientology? That’s stooping pretty low for a dollar.

Hey at least the Atlantic got paid for it… the Obama-cultists at the Atlantic got diddly squat for their worship of the one true president.


The Cultlantic suspended the ad, but still has a laudatory book review about the pseudo-Church of Scientology:

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