Veteran’s Story About Michelle Obama Using War Amputees as Photo Props

I caught this story being posted, and asked for permission to blog it – it’s pretty harrowing.

It purports to be a recounting of a hastily thrown photo op for Michelle Obama to stand in front of wounded soldiers from Walter Reed hospital. According to the account, they were forced to dress in their uniforms, and were told the event would include an awards ceremony and a luncheon.

Neither were conducted, but the soldiers were made to sit, some suffering dehydration due to their medications, while Michelle reportedly waltzed in, took some pictures and hurriedly ran out.

UPDATE: Kristinn Taylor of Free Republic sent me a link to what appears to be pictures from the event – the details seem to match the story, so I’ve added a few.

In the photos, nearly all of Michelle are of her and her flunkies, including Hilda Solis, the outgoing Labor Secretary.


After considering whether to tell the story, J.R. relented:









Do they look excited to be there?

The details in the picture fit – wounded warriors dressed up for her appearance.

They don’t look terribly happy.

Only one photo shows Michelle actually taking a picture with a soldier – and it’s across a barrier between her and the soldiers.


And as a kicker:

The thing about this story is that it confirms what many conservatives suspect – but will liberals just ignore it? The military is respected far beyond nearly any other institution among Americans.

Unfortunately, too many of our warriors’s opinions are stifled by military customs and laws.

Makes you wonder what else is being kept quiet…


I found another detail from the event pictured above that helps corroborate the story reported by J.R. In this glowing article about Michelle’s visit, it mentions where the event was held:

“We want to recognize the extraordinary dedication, sacrifice and service of our nation’s caregivers, not simply with words, but with deeds,” the first lady told the audience gathered at the Labor Department in Washington, D.C.

This would fit the description that the wounded veterans were bussed from the hospital instead of having Michelle make the incredible effort of going to Walter Reed Hospital. How many of these things are they made to go to, and why can’t she just go to the hospital?

The writer also added, “As I listened from the back of the packed auditorium…” as if they were there of their own volition.