Florida’s Campus Gun Ban Didn’t Save UCF From Planned Gun and IED Attack

seevakumaran.jpg large

Suspect Seevakumaran

Early today a student at University of Central Florida committed suicide after pulling a gun on another student. When police arrived, they found that he had put together improvised explosive devices, and had a plan to attack the students at UCF. He had multiple weapons and 200 rounds of ammunition.

So why didn’t Florida’s ban on guns on campus keep this crazed maniac from owning guns?

Because only law-abiding people follow the laws.

This is the truth that is harder to get into the minds of liberals as it is to get a camel through the eye of a needle.

Florida is one of many states in America which stupidly prohibits carrying concealed guns on campuses.

News outlets will scare people with pictures like these:

The immediate emotional desired is to want to ban all guns – but this won’t stop maniacs like Seevakumaran. Florida’s campus ban readily proves that to anyone with an ounce of reason.

This latest event just proves that campus gun bans don’t stop school massacres – in this case, the gunman decided on his own not to go through with his murderous plan.

I hope other states considering such stupid gun bans are watching…


It’s being reported that the maniac had his guns since February at the dorm, in complete violation of the campus gun ban!