Hamas’ Twitter Account Calls Obama The “Jewish Organ Grinder’s Monkey”



Four years after telling the American public that the hostile Middle East would be mollified by the very election of a president with an acquaintance with Islam, there doesn’t seem to much evidence for Obama’s hopeful assertion.

This morning, the official twitter account of Hamas send out this message with the link to this incredibly offensive article:

 This is after Muslims in Bethlehem burnt images of Obama, and the Palestinian Authority welcomed him with the message that 9/11 was an inside job by Freemasons, while praising Hitler.

Great job easing tensions, Obama!


Over the last few weeks, Obama quietly got $500 million in aid to go to the Palestinian Authority.

Meanwhile, our standing in the Muslim world has plummeted to that below where it was when George Bush was in office.


After an entire day of spreading this story, hardly any news outlets have picked it up, only other blogs. What are they afraid of?