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SooperPodcast #31!! Our First FTR Radio Show!! Introductions Abound!


We’re very proud to join the “From the Right” Online Radio family this week!! We will air our podcasts on Thursday nights at 10pm Eastern time at the FTR radio website, and then post it for your convenient aural consumption!! Join us in the chat room if you listen to it at 10pm.

If you’ve subscribed already through iTunes, you won’t need to change anything, the podcast will continue being sent to you automatically.

This week, we have a rambling drunken introduction of the three hosts, @soopermexican, Bill (@defendwallst), and Matt (@saintrph). I think we talk about North Korea and make fun of hipsters.

By the way, the FTR version may contain more explicit language, but the iTunes podcast will be squeaky clean!!


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Some links to stories we discussed:

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