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Wondering If You’re A “Latino In Name Only”? Take Buzzfeed’s Comprehensive Guide to LINOs!!


Earlier today Buzzfeed staffer Aswini Anburajan posted a tweet mocking Senator Ted Cruz because of his immigration stance, and then pathetically declared him a “Latino in Name Only.” She ain’t even Latina herself!!

Twitchy caught the tweet, and conservatives’ anger at her attempt to define an entire ethnic identity by political policies.

I thought I’d help her make her point, even though she deleted the original tweet, and mextrapolate a guide for whether someone is a LINO or not!! Have fun, gringos!

(LINO guide does not apply to gringos)



Apparently little miss asinine didn’t appreciate my little parody, because she’s made her twitter account private. This was after her appearance on a Wall Street Journal panel about… social media!! How precious.

Sooper-investigator Jessica Heddings also discovered this little profile of the brilliant miss asinine:

Aswini Anburajan, reporter
Aswini Anburajan spent eight months on the road as a campaign reporter covering Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential bid for NBC News, MSNBC and the National Journal magazine. Prior to that, Aswini was an associate producer at She grew up in Connecticut after immigrating from India at the age of four with her family. As an international relations major at Brown University, she focused on the shaping of identity and its relation to ethnic conflict. During the 2004 presidential campaign, she was an organizer in New Hampshire for Dean for America and later became an opposition researcher for the Kerry-Edwards campaign.

As Jess noted, maybe Miss Asinine should have done some research of Edwards instead…